Foreign Trade

The solid production basis and the well built
marketing background of Agro Boy Kft.
ensures successful operation year by year.

Dealing in agricultural foreign trade 20 years ago we started Agro Boy Kft. - from almost nothing. This remained the dominant activity of our family enterprise up until today which is by its 3.5 billion sales turnover has its prominent place among the largest TOP 50 companies in Baranya county.

Additionally to the development of the main profile its multifacetedness also added to the stability of the enterprise. For example the portfolio of our company group is made up of the development of our forwarding activity into an independent business branch and of the acquisition of business shares in other investments.


We serve the trust of our partners
with contracts fulfilled punctually by the deadline.

Spiciferous plants

Agro Boy Kft. sells spiciferous plants bought up from the farmers mainly on the Slovenian market. By spiciferous plants we mean the crops of barley, wheat, triticale and oat where the hectolitre weight is a requirement independently of the fact that it will be used for foddering. Wheat is classified based on several milling qualities which will be used for flour and later on for bakery products.

Brewer's barley

It's a specific plant which has to fulfil many quality requirements during its sale. After the production of malt beer is made from it. The market is relatively narrow, brewer's barley give 3% of the total amount of spiciferous plants in the country.


Our oilseed have ISCC Certification.


Fodder corn is an important plant which will also be used for animal foddering in 90% on the Slovenian market. Moisture content and broken kernels are decisive quality requirements additionally to which it is also important that it is healthy and without any infection.